Dealing with the Problem of Wet Basement in Toronto

wet basement in toronto

A homeowner does not utilize the basement as good as the remaining portion of the house. Generally, there are persistent issues of tear in the storeroom because of moisture. Too much humidity can demolish the walls.  It can give rise to the cultivations of bacteria like fungus and microbes which can lead to health issues. In a nutshell, it will destroy the appearance of storehouse and devastate the foundation of home in addition.

The Problem Solver

We can validate long-term solution to the issue of wet basement. If you request to get free of moist floor and leaky walls, call DryShield. We offer valuable waterproofing solutions and take charge of foundation repair in the Greater Toronto Area.

About us

We are a leading waterproofing and concrete Crack Company. We are the undisputed pioneers of waterproofing industry. Our experts have effectively fixed the problems of water leakage, cracks in buildings, and wetness in stock room floors. We are able to fix all types of water penetration and seepage problems in homes, multi-storey buildings and structures in Canada.

Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners, property owners and businesses in Canada. Our technicians have resolved cases more than 1000. We don’t use primitive techniques and that makes us different from the rest. Our sales representatives and field specialists are always ready to serve and protect homeowners from water infiltration in basement. We have 25 years’ experience of working as a reliable and friendly waterproofing contractor.

Our services

Our services include leaky basement repair, storeroom & foundation waterproofing, concrete crack injection repair, and complete home renovation services. We are known for excellent customer service, timely repair work completion, strategic and permanent solutions for water leakage problems. We use the latest technologies of sealing and cracks restore techniques for concrete structures.

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